How to Safely Split BCHA and BCHN coins using official wallet.

Why split your coins?

The problem that splitting coins solves, is to make it so you can spend the coins on the Bitcoin Cash Node network without the same transaction also spending the coins on the Bitcoin Cash ABC network. This happens for coins that have not been split, because when your wallet creates the transaction that spends them, it has no way of marking that transaction so it only works on one of those networks.

Claiming Bitcoin Cash ABC coins requires some work, and there's no one solution as it depends on how you are currently holding on to your BCH and what hardware/software you have access to. To help pick the right path we've broken the process down in to a number of possible methods.

BCHA: quick guide - How to claim Bitcoin ABC. Watch on YouTube

Moving BCHA Coins. Method 1: Use The Provided Wallet or Node Software From The Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) Project

Basic steps to split your BCH coins:

Step 1.
BCHN wallet that can be located via their project page -

Step 2.
Select the option to log into your wallet.
At the moment, the desktop version and the online version are available.
We will be using the online version in this tutorial.

Step 3.
Choose an item "Use existing wallet"
You can import cryptocurrency from your BCH wallet.

Step 4.
Choose an item "Log with BitcoinCash wallet" or "Log with Private Key"
For example, we will use "Log with BitcoinCash wallet"
We need to enter BCH Secret Mnemonic

Step 5.
We enter the wallet

Step 6.
After a quick synchronization of the blockchain, you will see your correct balance at the time of the network update

Also be sure you keep a copy of the original wallet backup you made above in case you would accidental reuse one of your original BCH addresses in the future. While you technically could go back to using those old address (keys), the best practice (and my recommendation) is not to and just move everything to new wallets, with new keys that have been freshly generated, to avoid potential problems later on.

The good news is that, if everything went according to plan, Bitcoin Cash Node enforces strong replay protection. This means you shouldn't be able to accidentally spend your BCHA when you mean to spend BCHN, or vice versa.

How to split BCH/BCHA? Checkout this GitHub guide.